Gion Tennis Inc.
A Comunity Program
Clinic Schedule & Fees

  Beginner I               $130 monthly                             4-5 pm Mon & Wed        
  Intermediate          $160 monthly                             5-6:30 pm  Mon & Wed
  Intermediate II
      $230 monthly                            6-8 pm Mon & Wed 

  Advance                  $230 monthly                            6-8 pm Mon & Wed      

  *Clinics sessions start on the 1st monday or wednesday of each month.

Below: Joven & Alex, both 8 years old. They are hard workers on the court and just very entertaining to watch practice.   

Advanced Training Programs

Advance Training

Speed, Agility, and Endurance Training.

  Includes: Jump roping, medicine ball, sprints, and stretching.



Includes: Plyometrics & reaction drills

Serves and Returns
  Serves: emphasis will be put on placement and change of speeds.

Returns: emphasis will be put on returning aggressively, particularly on weak serves and neutralizing strong serves by returning with depth.


Clinic objective lecture

Discussion of clinic objective of the day, upcoming events, and court assignments.

Drills: Emphasis will be put on the continued development of a variety of shots, strategy, and consistency by way of structured drills in conjunction with daily objectives.
Match play

Players will be matched with other players in singles or doubles to play with the objective of implementing the daily objectives in their match.


Note: Players should bring plenty of water, a towel, and a jump rope.

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