Gion Tennis Inc.
A Comunity Program
Kids Talk

Name : Avrin Singh
Age : 16yrs
Gender : Male

“Its fun! I get a lot of training and I got better in a short period of time. Also, I like that the coaches do not go easy on me. They work me really hard”.


Name : Wyatt Cole
Age : 11yrs
Gender : Male

“It’s really tough. I learn a lot and when I am on the court I feel great about playing. The coaches are always helping me out in everything I do”.


Name : Kevin Law
Age : 16yrs
Gender : Male

“It is a great opportunity to learn from coaches and other players who have the experience of competing in tournaments. I like coming to the clinics because I can grow from the strengths of other players which helps my game”.


Name : Chaz Hall
Age : 17yrs
Gender : Male

“I like the discipline that the program offers and how the coaches work with me. I like the critique I receive which motivates me to succeed in everything I do”.


Name : Harkiran Saluja
Age : 9
Gender : Female

“I like to rally with Coach Charles. I like to practice my serves. I can not wait to be on the Advanced Team. I can not wait to play USTA Team Tennis. I enjoy the clinics. I like to hit from the baseline. I like doing “Live ball” drills.”


Name : Anagha Nambisan
Age : 6
Gender : Female

“Tennis is fun. I like learning the forehand. I like the coach. I saw my friend Shyamlee Nanda holding a trophy and I want one too.”


Name : Gabriela Galarza
Age : 14
Gender : Female

“I like “Gion Tennis” because the coach is tough, thorough, caring, and he challenges me. I learn a lot. I really love tennis.”


Name : Jada Hart
Age : 11
Gender : Female

“I love tennis, it is a very fun game to play. The tennis program is very awesome for all the kids. The coach is really funny because he makes up jokes a lot. The coach makes us work really hard so we can play Team Tennis and tournaments."

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