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Parent Testimonials
        My daughter Aria, enjoys playing in the Gion tennis Program.  Her experience with the program has been both motivating and gratifying.  It has had a tremendous impact on her.  She has gained self-confidence and pride.  Her tennis ability has dramatically improved.  She is as excited about tennis as I am about the positive development I see in her.  She routinely looks forward to practice and her team tennis matches.  
        Coach Charles Mosley's coaching philosophy extends beyond just the aspects of tennis instruction, but into character development as well.  He makes sure Aria understands the concepts of good sportsmanship, integrity, and teamwork.  He advocates the importance of these core values within her and her teammates.  Daily he displays dedication to the individual growth of each player.  I am grateful that my daughter has the opportunity to grow and develop as a person and as a tennis player through this program.

Thank You,
Karen Tompkins (Tennis parent)

        We have two kids, Shyamlee who is 12 and Govind who is 8 years old.  Both of them started 2 and a half years ago.  Charles Mosley, the director of Gion tennis Inc. , has spent enough time in developing our kids confidence, dedication, and honesty.  Both of them play tennis 6 days a week for a couple of hours per day.  Their involvement in this tennis program has kept them busy and away from watching TV most of the time.  Our kids look forward to playing in Team Tennis and USTA Junior tournamnets.  Thanks to Charles, they have become very confident in school too.

Rajessh & Meena Nanda (Tennis parents)

Our Son Asees always liked tennis since he was a young kid.  Originally he was with another coach and not learning much.  After two years of coaching he lost interest in the game.  Then someone recommended Coach Charles.  Now over a year and a half later, I am proud of my son's improvement and the passion he has developed for the game.  All his Wii, PSP, & Dx's had been collecting dust.  His life now is school and tennis., which we like, but not only the game; the character, integrity, and professionalism Coach Charles promotes in his students is invaluable.  Not only do we wish Coach Charles much success, but hope more children can take advantage of all he has to offer.

Bir & Manjeet Grewall  (Tennis parents)

As a parent we believe putting our son in Gion tennis is one of the best things we've done, because Coach Charles runs an excellent tennis program.  Gion Tennis offers a variety of services from clinics, private lessons, to competing on USTA Team tennis.  My son takes part in all of them and loves it.  What makes Coach Charles different from other instructors is the fact that he has great relationships with the players and parents.  Coach Charles has an arsenal of coaching tools for every player and it's amazing seeing all the players develop so quickly.  One last this thing, the players love and respect him.

Kirk Frazer  (Tennis parent)

        My two daughters Shivali & Sanjita started training with Coach Charles one and a half years ago.  I appreciate coach being funny with the kids and yet strict when it comes to training on the courts.  My kids have enjoyed tennis more ever since they started here.  Coach Charles and Coach Nate provide a safe and clean environment for kids and help in motivating and developing good tennis ettiquette.  He does not tolerate tantrums, gamesmanship, or bad behavior on and off the courts.  My kids love his field trips to fishing, Disneyland, and especially to Indian Wells Tennis Garden.  Coach has made tennis more fun and challenging for my kids.

Prakash Gowda  (Tennis parents)

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