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Tip for the volley:

Having trouble with your volleys.....?  Let's see, you do not have the control or the accurracy you need to come to the net with confidence.  well, here are a few pointers.  First you must have the correct grip.  If you do not have the correct grip, nothing else matters.  The correct grip for the volley is the continental grip (shake hands grip).  Now think of the head of your racket as an extension of your hand and catch the ball as oppose to swinging at the ball, if you do this, it will cut down on the tendency to swing at the ball, thus gaining more control.  Accuracy..... Remember this, there is little or no swing in the volley, however there is somewhat of a finish.  Ok, now to establish better accuracy, just simply angle the racket head in the direction you want the ball to go, and believe me, it will go.  Oh, one more thing, once you have mastered control & accuracy, your next progression is depth & power.  To achieve this, you must maintain a firm grip and lean forward into your volley by stepping towards the ball before making contact.  Forehand volley, you should step forehand with your left foot (right- handers).  Backhand volley, just step forward with the right foot (right-handers).  For the drop-volley, just soften your grip and all other factors should remain constant. Remember to make your point of contact in front of your body....

Below: See Dru execute a pretty good volley.
Above: Hermehr Singh showing great extension on the serve. Notice both feet off the ground. This is what you call "Going after the serve".

Teaching Professional & Director, Charles Mosley ripping a topspin forehand

Cut down on net errors:

Cut down on errors by simply hitting the ball higher over the net.  In order to do this successfully you must generate topspin to bring the ball down before it lands out.  Ok, imagine the ball is the earth.  Hit up through the equator from south to north (low to high).  This swing pattern will create topspin and result in less net errors.  Remember, early racket preparation is the key.  Make sure your racket is back before the ball bounces on your side of the court.  Take this in mind, 85% of the points played during a match is lost because of a point ending in an error rather than a point ending with a clean winner.  So, if you decrease your errors during a match, your chances of winning the match increase tremendously.

Below: See Ben Gollin execute a one-handed backhand.

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