Gion Tennis Inc.
A Comunity Program
The Program
Gion Tennis Inc. operates year-round, providing professional tennis instruction to youth between the ages of 3 and 17 at Clement Middle School in the city of Redlands, California.  We provide a structured curriculum that encourages participation, discipline, goal setting and personal responsibility. Emphasis is not put on winning or losing, but rather developing respect for the game and building positive relationships. We make the sport of tennis accessible to all youth. Scholarships are available upon request and when needed.
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Our curriculum is as follows:

Grips –Our students are taught the proper grips that are to be used for various shots, such as the serve & volley, the ground stroke and specialty shots. An example of this is the serve vs. the groundstroke, both require different grips, if not taught properly, a player could end up using the groundstroke grip as the service grip, which will prevent the player from developing a good serve. I see this problem a lot among kids who are not taught the proper grip in the first stages of development.

Swing Patterns – Our students are taught proper “swing patterns”. This will allow them to execute consistent and reliable ground strokes and maintain good balance while doing so.

Footwork – Footwork is the core of our training. We firmly believe that you can not hit the ball unless you can get to the ball, therefore we spend quality time on footwork, speed, and agility drills to enhance quickness, balance, and endurance.

Sportsmanship –Our mission is to develop character, and good sportsmanship, on and off the court. This is a key element in building character, respect for the game, respect for the opponent, and respect for the coaches which are important objectives that we encourage daily. We discuss the importance of sportsmanship and give examples of good sportsmanship before we step on the court for training. As a coach and a spectator, I have seen the lack of sportsmanship in youth sports and I take it personal. My goal is to make that the most important objective in our training. The tools we use to achieve our goals are simple.

They are as follows:
Leading by example
Passion for the game of tennis…!

Photo below:  Shyamlee & Govind Nanda, students who display great sportsmanship and respect to their opponents and their coaches daily.  A great joy to work with, I must say.....!


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